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5-Pack Snap Straw and Lid - Prevents Spills & Fits on all Standard Sized Cans!

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Prevent Spills and keep it fun for the kids with this 5-Pack of Snap Straws and Lids for cans. They are easy to use and even easier to clean. The straws detach from the lid for easy cleaning and re-use. Made of safe and durable plastic. 

It keeps the soda in the can, keeps foreign objects-including bugs-out, and it will keep your drink fresh. Keep your can with you, wherever you roam without the inconvenience of soda sloshing out and losing its fizz. Once the Snap Straw's lid is securely on the can, simply slide in the straw and enjoy. The straw has a small cap on top, so you can open and close it as many times as you want. Re-closable and reusable. With the different colors offered, the Snap Capp works great as a can identifier. So worry not about confusing your can with other people's cans. Your kids will love these and so will you!

Product Features

  • 5 Different Fun Colors
  • Tight fit will eliminate spills
  • Detachable Straw for even easier drinking
  • Cap on Straw keeps your drink from going flat
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fits on all standard sized soda cans
  • Keeps dust and bugs out
  • Re-closable and reusable

Product Details

Condition: New
Packaging: Retail
Warranty: 1 Year
Model: Snap Straw

Package Includes

  • 5-Pack Snap Straw and Lid (5 Assorted Colors)